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etsy round-up

Hi dear blog loving friends! It’s been a while. Don’t worry, I’ve still been busy crafting, I’ve just been working on some top secret projects for my sweet sis. I promise to post pictures once she’s received the gifts, but for now no peeking!

Instead, I thought I’d share an etsy round-up and tell you about a great swap one of my friends in Edinburgh is currently hosting. It’s so fun!

First the round-up. For as long as I can remember I’ve loved stationery and letter writing. As a kid I had a close friend move to Italy and we spent several years exchanging letters and then I also became pen-pals with one of her Italian friends. So many wonderful memories of eagerly anticipating a letter, picking out just the right stationery, and learning the art of writing meaningful letters. Sadly, I’ve gotten out of the habit with the onslaught of email, but I’m resolved to reconnect with my letter writing self and these notecards are the perfect encouragement to get me to pick up my pen and start writing.

There are so many beautiful options when it comes to purchasing stationery. I especially love the letterpress technique, and really appreciate the whimsy that is so much in fashion at present. Today’s round-up is a *small* sampling of some of the gorgeous/fun/creative notecard sets available on etsy. Hope you enjoy them!

(l to r, top to bottom)

SilhouetteBlue – Breeze Stationery Set

Vanessa Boer – Hedgehog and Fox Note Card

Vintage Paper Boutique – Dressmaker Post Cards

We Heart Paper – Letterpress moustache notecards

Half Full Martini – Bird Sihouette Thank You Cards

Naomi Lynn – Wallpaper Stationery Set

Brookish – Mr. Darcy Proposal Notecard Set

Humunuku – Vintage Bike/Watch Carte Postale

Lucky Bee Press – Hedgehog Letterpress Notecard Set

Aren’t these lovely? I especially love the set by Naomi Lynn, and everything in her etsy shop is equally delicious. You really must give it a look.

And now for the swap! My good friend Rachel has a lovely crafty blog, and since meeting her I have greatly increased my ability to knit. Seriously, who knew knitting could be so fun? Currently she is hosting an entire month devoted to letter writing, and I for one am inspired. As part of this month-long write-a-thon, she’s hosting a letter writing swap. This is a chance for you to get paired up with another stationery aficionado, swap letters, and get some fun new stationery. How can you say no to that? Plus, you might just get me and I promise to send you a whole lotta love from the UK. Click this link to check it out to get all the details. Now, go sign up, the swap sign-ups close March 16! I want to send you a letter!


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J was off early this morning to catch a train up to Aberdeen, which would have been fine, except our dear cat, Sam, took that to mean it was time for me to get up too… at 4:30 am. And if Sam wants you up, you’re up. He is one tenacious little fluff ball. So, once I accepted it was going to be an early start to the day I decided to embrace the coziness of dark fall mornings and make myself a yummy breakfast, cuddle up with a good book, and enjoy the stillness of a new day.

so self satisfied.

A couple hours of reading later, most people were just starting their days, but I was fully awake and ready to go! I decided it was a perfect time to work on a project I’ve long wanted to make as my hot water bottle and I are somewhat inseparable during the cold long months of winter here in Edinburgh. But, the bottle is made of rubber and always smells a little, well, rubbery which is not quite ideal. When I came across this tutorial, I tucked it away knowing I would eventually get around to making one. The project came together really fast, and in about an hour my hot water bottle had a cozy new cover, and no more rubber smell.

Hot water bottle covers are quickly gaining popularity as people are using them more these days as they are a good alternative to cranking on the heater, making them a more environmentally friendly way to keep your tootsies warm on chilly nights. If you’re not up to making a cover yourself, there are currently some great designs available for purchase. Check here, here, here and here for some fun ideas… great Christmas gift idea, no?

Also, in case you’ve missed it, it’s my favorite time of year over at Sew Mama Sew again as all month long they are celebrating handmade holidays. Go over and check it out. Loads of great ideas to make or buy from etsy as well as lots of opportunities to win some great prizes! Hurrah!

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Did any of you guess my big news? I left you a hint earlier today… Did you see it? If you did then you probably know that my long awaited shop has finally arrived! I had my first real craft show this weekend and as a result it pushed me to finally get all my creations together, photographed, and up for sale in my etsy shop. This has been a long time coming, and I still have more to add, but I couldn’t wait any longer! Won’t you go take a peek and let me know what you think? Here’s a little preview of some of the goodies you’ll find there…

Stay tuned as I have some yummy aromatherapy eye masks, custom order quilts, and earrings still to add! There are several ways to get to my shop…

  1. Click here for a direct link.
  2. Click the etsy button on the sidebar to the right.
  3. Visit the etsy website here and then search for “sparrowhopes” under the “sellers” catagory.

Finally, I have a favor to ask of all of you… Could you let me know what your favorite items are in my shop, and/or any ideas for other items you’d like to see there? Thanks so much for visiting, I hope you enjoy my shop!

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etsy round-up

It’s been so long since I shared a little etsy wish-list with you all, that I couldn’t resist showing you these great finds. Also… there is a theme. Can anyone guess what J and I will be doing this next week?

etsy roundupl to r, top to bottom:

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etsy round-up

I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of birds singing – a sure sign that spring is on its way to cold and wet Vancouver. I’m not sure what all the excitement is about but there must be 20-30 finches outside my window and they are going nuts! Swooping and diving and jumping all about, it must be a good morning to be a bird. Anyway, all their festivity has inspired this etsy round-up; hope you enjoy it. Also, go check out these shops, they are wonderful.


From l to r and top to bottom:


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etsy round-up

Two of my dearest girlfriends are in town this weekend, so I won’t be doing a ‘saturday soup & sewing post’, but I still wanted to send a little craft love your way so here’s a round-up of some of my recent favorites on etsy… hope you enjoy! Also, if you get the chance do pop over to etsy and check these shops out – the sellers have many more wonderful items up for sale.
etsy-2-copy(top to bottom, left to right)

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etsy round-up

One of my favorite discoveries over the past couple of years is the wonderful website called etsy. This is an online crafting community where people can buy and sell all things handmade. I highly recommend checking it out. So lovely. To pique your interest I thought I’d share a little round up of some of my favorite items currently for sale. Go check them out, then come back here and tell me what you think… My guess is that you’ll be as hooked as I am!

etsy-round-up-1From top to bottom and l to r:

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